The latest update to Microsoft’s flagship Windows 10 computer software has been made available to consumers for the first time.

The update has various new features including a native app called Paint 3D, an image and video editing app called Story Remix and a feature called Timeline that enables users to pick up on tasks they were previously working on.

The ‘Fluent Design’ redesign is part of an effort to modernise the operating system and will be rolled out from today.

Users are recommended to back up their computer before downloading an update and Microsoft will send an alert when it is available.

3D Paint

The update includes Paint 3D, a new multidimensional version of the sketching app, which will no longer be a native app on the software for the first time in 32 years.

It has the same tools as the original but can also create 3D images.

Story Remix

Windows Story Remix uses AI and deep learning to organise and transform photos and videos into stories.

It can arrange memories, photos and videos to create stories with a soundtrack, theme and cinematic transitions.

Users can also create mixed reality by adding 3-D objects to photos and videos.

OneDrive Files

OneDrive Files on Demand will allow users access to all files in the cloud without having to download them.

Users can access all files stored in the cloud using File Explorer without using up storage space on the device.

In the previous model OneDrive used selective sync which means every file is downloaded to the device.


With digital assistant Cortana, users can users can pick off where they left off across Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Cortana can give users reminders based on time, places and people.

It can also track packages, teams, interests and flights – and can also send emails and texts.


Windows Timeline enables users to quickly find tasks and projects they were previously working on across different devices.

Previous activity is visually displayed, meaning users can hop back into files, apps and websites as if it was real time.


The update will have a ‘cloud-powered clipboard‘ that lets users highlight and copy text on one device but then paste the content on another.

This makes it easier to transfer between connected devices.

The Fall Creators Update also includes a new copy and paste tool which will enable users to highlight text on one device before pasting the content on another. source


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