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The Gutenberg Editor in Wordpress 5.0 has serious flaws if you're a serious writer and content producer. Here is what you need to know to make it work.

The latest update to Microsoft's flagship Windows 10 computer software has been made available to consumers for the first time.

Social-media app Instagram said a hack it disclosed earlier this week affected a larger number of users than it previously detected. Instagram, owned by Facebook Inc., earlier this week said hackers stole email addresses and phone numbers—but not passwords—tied to some celebrity accounts. On Friday, the photo- and video-sharing app said the theft affected regular users as well and wasn’t just “targeted at high-profile users.” Instagram reiterated that no passwords were stolen. The contact information was

Augmented and Virtual Reality are two terms which you may not be overly acquainted with but, believe me, over the next 12-18 months you are going to feel like you have been surrounded by it. Every major tech company like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others are betting billions that this will be the "next big thing", and they're right. It will be. 

Remember watching 'Minority Report' way back in 2007 and thinking that the reality presented there was decades away? As it turns out, that reality was only one decade away. Not only has technology caught up with that movie, it is easily breezing past it. What's coming will take your breath away.

One night, while having dinner with my friend Bernadette, I mused about “taking the plunge” and starting my own business. Going back and forth on what a good name for the new studio might be, I wasn’t coming up with anything I liked. Bernadette was quiet for a moment, and then said “I have an idea”. With my attention raptly fixed on what she would say next, she paused for what seemed an eternity, and then uttered one, little word. “Mudflower”, B said, “you should call it Mudflower”.